6 Golden rules you should follow if you are new to plant parenthood.


These are the six golden rules you should follow if you are new to plant parenthood:


1. Choose wisely

The plant must be able to flourish in the home you provide for it.


2. Check the plant's specific needs

Learn about light, water, temperature, feeding, and air humidity requirements for each plant.


3. Don't drown them

Learn how to water properly and to check when your plants need to be watered.


4. Be aware of season changes

We have different needs depending on the season. So do plants.


5. Treat trouble promptly

Learn to recognize the early signs of trouble and act fast so it doesn't get out of control.


6. Have the proper tools and care products

Make your own plant care kit to water, mister, clean, feed, repot, and prune your plants properly.


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