Falling leaves on our plants is common, and sometimes it is difficult to identify the causes and correct what may be wrong.

What could be happening?

1. End of life of the leaves

It is possible that such a drop is a natural process and is not a problem. If the older leaves start to turn yellow and drop off, it's the normal cycle of life. In the autumn/winter season change, this phenomenon is even more evident.

2. Shocks

Sudden changes in temperature, light and humidity, as well as drafts, can lead to leaf fall, namely green and healthy leaves in greater numbers.

You should spray the leaves of your plants with our Plant Food monthly in winter and fortnightly the rest of the year. It will help your plants stay strong even when it gets too hot, too cold, or too dry.




3. Bad waterring magagement

When you don't water your plant regularly, according to its needs, either because you leave the potting soil too wet or too dry, for long periods of time, it will suffer.

You need to be more aware of your plants' needs. You should always feel the soil by getting your finger dirty before you water your plants.

4. Nutritional deficiencies

One of the common symptoms of your plant lacking some nutrients is that its young leaves start to become discolored, which could lead to their fall.

Every two months, spread a portion of our Soil Booster on the pot surface around the plant and lightly mix it into the potting mix. This way you continue to give the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth.



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