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HOUSE PLANT FOOD | Seaweed extract (Case of 6 units)

HOUSE PLANT FOOD | Seaweed extract (Case of 6 units)

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Use these special organic compounds from the sea to help your house plants stay strong even when it gets too hot, too cold, or too dry.

A perfect gift for plant lovers.


100% seaweed extract (Ascophyllan nodosum)


50 ml

How to use

Dilute 5 drops of the concentrated solution per 100 ml of water in a sprayer and shake well. Spray the leaves monthly in winter and fortnightly the rest of the year. Discard the product made after 48 hours.

Additional information

Suitable for all house plants.
Keep in a cool place, protected from direct light and out of reach of children and animals.


Glass bottle with rubber and glass pipette.

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