Every plant counts.

Did you know that since you start reading this text thirty plants just died at our homes due to lake of care? If we need plants to breathe, why do we still kill billions so easily?

When you kill a plant, you are wasting valuable resources that were used to produce that same plant.

  • SOIL

    1.687.500 tons of soil are used to produce potting mix per year.


    641 liters of water are used to producde 1 kg of plant material per year.


    86.636 tons of pots, trays, and other containers are used by the plant industry per year.

Plants not only give us oxygen, but also remove up to 25% CO2 from human activities. Dead plants remove 0%.

That’s why it’s important to care for them, so they live longer and resources used for their production last longer.

Let’s keep our plants alive and help reduce our environmental footprint.

Let’s all make a conscious effort to care for our plants so that we can all have a better world.

#PlantCare #BetterWorld

Generosa is here to help, so you can make a difference. Individually, you have one plant. Together, we create a forest.

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